Why Local Providers

How "Buy Local" became "By Local"

For years the “Local” movement has been pigeon holed as your farm stand produce or your local craftsman and/or artisan…ByLocalBoston is looking to expand on that. 

There are two major advantages to going local with your service: 

  1. You are presented with an opportunity to develop an actual relationship with the service provider. Through this relationship a trust can be established in that you are receiving not only the best service but cost effective and accurate quotes. In turn, the provider of the service can feel comfortable knowing that he/she has earned a long term client. 
  2. You are giving back to your community. People tend to shop, dine and exist within their own communities for the most part. By choosing a ByLocalBoston.com service provider you are actually afforded the opportunity to invigorate your community financially and know that as it grows and succeeds, you planted some of those seeds.