Who do we think we are?

Why By Local Boston

By Local Boston was an idea that came to light in the middle of the year 2014. Greg and I both grew up in very strong communities, communities with a dedication to giving, helping and caring for your neighbors. We met on numerous occasions and, each time, through those discussions, realized how deeply we still felt the need to not only be an active member of each our respective cities, but how we also felt a duty in helping them to prosper. 

Many, many ideas were kicked back and forth and each idea always ended with the same realization…we need to focus. We wanted to develop something that would produce laser focused results for members of our community, an idea that would generate tangible returns for those who live, work and spend in our communities. That idea became the tip of our spear…now we just needed to hammer out the details, or the other 99%.

By Local Boston is not just another dot com, By Local Boston is the end result of the idea that the easiest way to help your community is to build a portal for your community to help itself. Here, on our site, you will find trusted providers in local communities with the skills necessary to take on jobs, complete tasks and fulfill functions that we all seem to be in need of on a daily basis.

We do not deal in large lists of providers, we do not deal in service numbers that don’t offer you real contact and care and we do not deal in charging those in need of service a fee to find it. If we did, well, that just wouldn’t be us.

We are ByLocalBoston.com.

Our Process